Tea Herb Gardening – A Guide to Growing and Harvesting Your Tisane Herbs

Many people from around the world enjoy the light flavor of chamomile tea. If you enjoy drinking the tea, you might be interest to know it is easy to grow your own chamomile.

Combine Gardening with Tea Drinking

Even if you are a beginner gardener, growing blooming tea balls chamomile is easy. Start by buying some seeds from a local merchant. If you can’t find any stores near you, there are many online seed stores to order from.

The seeds are very small, and can be scattered in a small area of your garden. Lightly rake the soil to cover them or cover with a thin layer of fine soil. Water and keep the soil slightly moist while the seeds germinate.

Chamomile grows well in North America. It can grow in relatively dry climates with a little watering. The plant doesn’t grow very tall – usually 24 inches is the tallest height. It can be used as ground cover or to fill in areas where you need a low lying plant.

Picking the Flowers

The flowers are bright yellow and slightly cone shaped. The blooms start out small and can grow up to a third of an inch across. To make tea, you need to pick the blooms before they seed. Once they turn a dull yellowish grey color, they have gone to seed. The seeded flowers don’t have to go to waste – keep the seeds to plant again next year.

After you’ve picked a fair amount, wash to get rid of any loose dirt. Shake off the excess water. You can air dry the flowers by putting them in a dry place in the house for several days. Covering lightly with cheesecloth can help keep dust off while they dry. If you’d like the process to go faster, you can put them in the oven for several hours on a low heat. You don’t want to bake them, just make the drying go faster. A food dehydrator is another way to speed up the drying process.