Why Should I Opt For Concrete Polishing?

Concrete pumping – To know and understand the details of concrete placing boom better, we first need to know what concrete pumping is all about. It is a scientifically established mechanism that is used to place concrete at desired places. This placing of concrete is an activity that is undertaken after the pumping has been fully done.

Concrete pump – This is the most elementary idea https://stuccophoenix.com that we must have in this context. A concrete pump is a scientific machine that is used to transfer liquid concrete after it has been pumped. The pumping of concrete necessitates the application of pressure, the amount of which varies from one pumping activity to another. This pressure requirement- high, low or moderate- determines the kind of pumping equipment that is to be used.

Concrete placing Boom -The boom is actually a robotic arm under the control of a sophisticated remote and it is used to place concrete at required locations with maximum efficiency. It cambridge homes for sale is a cost-efficient and ingenious substitute for human labour and this makes it preferable in the large construction projects which make use of specialised pumps to handle high concrete volumes. The usage of a robot – a device that is entirely free from human interventions- makes theconcrete placing boom a highly sophisticated form of concrete placing equipment.

Trailer-mounted or truck-mounted Line pump – As the name suggests these pumps are either mounted on trailers or trucks for handling concrete. The outlet of this pumping equipment is provided with steel or flexible hoses that are used to place concrete at suitable points in the construction sites. There are linkages between the hoses, which are used during the placing of concrete. The volumes of concrete handled by line pumps are usually smaller in comparison to the boom pumps; hence, they are generally seen in smaller construction projects.

Piston pumps – This is yet another variety of concrete pumping equipment that is specifically used in activities where (a) large volumes of concrete have to be handled during the process of placing (b) extremely large amounts of pressure have to be generated during the whole process. Ordinary pumps are generally incapable of sustaining very high pressures and it is then that piston pumps, capable of generating hundreds of atmospheres of pressure, are put to good use. Seat valves or transfer tube valves may be used, depending on the specific requirements of construction process and the concrete placing stage.